WE Believe in Kids!


At Gateway we don't babysit (except for babies, of course : ).  On the contrary, our goal for kids is the same as for adults:  to help them become trusting, loving, obedient servants of Jesus.  Kids can know, follow, and serve Jesus as well as adults can (and in some ways better, after all Jesus said that unless we become more like children in both humility and faith, then we can't enter the kingdom of heaven, Matthew 18:1-5). 

We have an awesome team of volunteers who gather each weekend to teach your kids some valuable, biblically-based, life-applicable lessons.  We use short videos, stories, crafts, games, and other resources to engage kids.  Why can't church be fun?   Our vision is to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about the love of Jesus and to partner with parents to foster a relationship between your children and Jesus.

For your peace of mind, please know:

  • We conduct reference and regular background checks on all volunteers who work with children
  • We use a secure electronic check-in system to ensure that only an authorized person picks up your child
  • Classrooms are open to viewing at any time by a leader or a parent
  • We ensure that all rooms and bathrooms are clean and sanitary

Any questions?  Click here.  Our kids team would love to help you.

6th thru 12th grade


Gateway Student Ministries (Youth) is for 6th-12th grade students.  Our goal is to help students become trusting, loving, obedient servants of Jesus.  We realize our best investment is to equip and empower the generations coming up behind us so they can go beyond us. We want the light of our church to shine brighter and brighter so that even more people will find and follow Jesus!  As we pass the baton to the next leaders at Gateway, we want them to surpass us, to be better than us, and more effective than us.  In fact, that's why you'll see a number of students serving on Sunday mornings because we believe in their potential.  You don't have to be an adult to make a difference for God!

Any questions?  Contact Pastor Brian & Iris Ellingson (click here).