Meet Our Team Leaders

At Gateway, we believe that church is a team sport and not a one-man show.  We believe that since Jesus has called us all to be servants, there is no task too menial or beneath us.  Everyone pitches in, rolls up their sleeves, and gets dirty.  We don't serve for applause or accolades.  We defer the attention to others and the glory to Jesus.  Every leader is accessible because everyone matters!

  • Pastor Mel & Denise Steinmeyer

    Lead Pastor

    With Pastor Mel, what you see is what you get.  He is not one way on Sunday mornings and a different person the rest of the week.  He's not afraid to tell it like it is whether that's sharing about his own doubts and struggles or teaching on a controversial subject.  He and Denise have three boys:  Caleb, Austin, and Chase.  Mel loves fishing, football, baseball, movies, and worship.  Denise loves shopping, flip flops, and Starbucks (triple tall 1% extra hot latte).  And they both love their dogs!

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  • Pastor Brian & Iris Ellingson

    Worship & Youth Pastor

    Brian and Iris have three kids:  Sophia, Adrianna, and Silas.  Brian loves music and owns many guitars.  Iris is a fitness instructor for pre and postnatal mothers.  Both of them are foodies (Thai  food is their favorite!), aspiring travelers and hikers, and Dutch Brothers' best customers.  They are all about their family and doing life together. They both love youth!

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