You Matter to God. You Matter to us!

Gateway church is a group of regular people who are real to a fault (what you see is what you get!).  We're young, old, and in between.  We're white, black, Hispanic, Filipino, and "other."  We're republican, democrat, and libertarian...though we try to leave our politics at home.  Some of us like to dress up on Sundays, while most of us don't.  Many of us like the Seahawks, while some  don't.  Some of us have been walking with Jesus a long time, others not so much, while still others are counting the costs.  We are so different and yet we're a family.  It's Jesus fault!  He brought us together.  And He reserves a spot for YOU as well at our table.  Please join us!  There's a place for YOU to belong at Gateway Church.

Gateway is Committed to...


The Word of God, the Good News (the "Gospel"), and prayer.  SEE BELIEFS  >

Keeping things simple and the Good News of Jesus on the bottom shelf (no church experience required!)

Creating an attitude and atmosphere of love, respect, and acceptance (“come as you are”…then grow from there)

Creating a safe environment where guests feel welcome and included, and where regular attendees are actually excited about inviting their friends (vs. just feeling obligated to)

Being outward focused and inclusive (creating an atmosphere where it is okay to belong before you believe).

Laughter and not taking ourselves too seriously.  Why can't church be fun?

A “show and tell” style of ministry (we call it "Pray - Care - Share")

Meeting people where they're at by by sharing the Truth that sets people free through interesting and relevant teaching, using technology, contemporary music, and by having a “Disney-like” environment for kids

Focusing on church health (i.e., making disciples, Matthew 28:18-20)…not church growth…because we believe that the result of health is both spiritual and numerical growth (Acts 2:47)

Being a volunteer-driven church and mobilizing members for ministry

Known for what we are “for” vs. what we are “against” (we're not political, we're biblical)